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KPM Enterprises Drives 6% Increase in Profits for Canadian Client

Procurement technology and vendor management strategy delivers additional $2.6M in annual earnings  MISSISSAUGA, Canada, November 12, 2017 – One of Canada’s larger retailers with sales in excess of $1B, partnered with KPM Enterprises ( to increase annual earnings by 6% through a series of online vendor procurement events. Sixteen online bidding events focusing on waste […]

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Online Bidding: How to Extract a Supplier’s True “Best Price”

As a retailer, the pursuit of optimum retail pricing is ongoing and relentless. Customers have access to competitive pricing in their buying decisions. Day in and day out, you are subject to the scrutiny of what you are selling and at what price. To survive and thrive, you must respond by delivering superior quality at […]

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Scrubbing Away the Excess Cleaning Cost

There are many expenses buried in an organization’s overhead that are left untouched yet represent savings opportunities. One such cost is Cleaning, sometimes known as Janitorial & Sanitation. We have had many successes in attacking this cost. Our method to uncover the fat in these types of overhead costs is a two-step approach. The first […]

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The Hidden Cost of Overtime

In a recent client engagement I asked the Senior Operations VP about overtime in his area. He said there was some, but that it was relatively minor. I then went to Payroll and asked how much overtime was paid in the last pay period. The answer? $41,800. The VP was shocked. This translated to over […]

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Routing Out the Hidden Money in the Day to Day

There are all kinds of hidden opportunities for saving money in your business. Identifying them especially in the routine day to day tasks, can be challenging, but with the right questions these opportunities can be easily captured.   During a recent engagement I was reviewing the accounts payable area and in conversation with the manager […]

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Seeking Approval for E-Procurement Tools; The Dilemma of the Purchasing Manager

Pity the purchasing manager who wants to go to his/her boss and ask for approval on an e-procurement program to support the work they are doing. Typically understaffed and over worked, many senior executives fail to see the potential value of e-procurement. They expect the manager to source goods and services in the usual way […]

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E-Procurement: Capturing Money Left On The Table

Presented at ProcureCon Canada 2014: Conference of Senior Procurement Professionals E-Procurement: Capturing Money Left On The Table Presented by: Eugene Duynstee, KPM Enterprises Inc. and Ron Southard, SafeSourcing Inc. Date: March 18, 2014 All too frequently procurement professionals faced with negotiation with incumbent suppliers are being told: We always give you our best price Our products/ […]

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*Announcement* – Eugene Duynstee Presenting E-Procurement

Eugene Duynstee to Present at Upcoming Procurement Conference The Conference, ProcureCon Canada,  which takes place March 17-19, 2014 at The Hyatt Regency  in Toronto is featuring a session titled Innovation Spotlight. In that session Eugene Duynstee of KPM Enterprises and Ron Southard of SafeSourcing will be presenting: E-Procurement – Capturing Money Left on the Table  […]

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