Is your organization struggling with some of these issues?

  • Operating costs are too high
  • Cash flow is constrained or working capital is poorly deployed
  • Ineffective operational processes are wasting time and costing money
  • The procurement process is outdated and  you’re not achieving the best price/quality/performance mix from your suppliers

Our clients are CEO’s, CFO’s and senior executives of large companies, in excess of $250M, seeking a combination of in-depth industry experience and strong financial know-how to help deal with these types of challenges.

We work in partnership with our clients and their team to build a strong financial structure and effective operational processes, ensuring their business is competitive and well equipped to drive superior results.

Types Of Results We Deliver

  • Strategic, sustainable cost reduction programs that extract $M savings
  • Re-vitalized vendor agreements/procurement practices that optimize price, quality, and performance
  • Re-structured operational processes that eliminate costly errors and enhance productivity
  • A cash flow/cash management plan that generates $M in increased working capital

The Bottom Line

  • Generating impactful, strategic solutions that fit within the framework of your people and systems.
  • Transferring knowledge to ensure the changes are sustainable
  • Delivering superior results that create the value you are looking for

For more information on how your organization may benefit from our services, we invite you to browse the following pages.

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Our approach to client projects, the types of results we deliver and the principles that guide our work.

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Case Studies
Examples of projects we have worked on and the results we have achieved for our clients.

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