Franchising is a business model that can prove very appealing for an existing, successful operation. By providing a system that can be effectively replicated, the business can attract capable owner/managers and secure the necessary financing that will facilitate profitability and growth.


To provide the necessary guidance, support, and access to resources for the launch or expansion of a franchise business.


  • Review the existing business model, its profitability and expandability.
  • Formalize the objectives and goals.
  • Design the franchise model, including marketing, sales and operating plans.
  • Develop the financial plan, ascertain the financing requirements, and create a 3 5 year financial projection.
  • Assist with the financing arrangements and programs.
  • Coordinate the development of franchise documents.
  • Establish a plan to secure real estate and capable franchisees.
  • Identify and prioritize all necessary activities, create a timeline for completion and determine resources required.
  • Provide ongoing assistance and support as required please see Business Coaching.


A well organized and properly supported launch of the franchise concept that provides the foundation for profitability and growth.

Case study # 4 describes how we assisted two entrepreneurs to obtain approval for the Canadian Franchise Rights to a successful European based retail chain. For details please click on Case Studies.