Strategic Plans

Strategic Plans

A strategic plan defines an organization’s long-term goals and formulates a game plan to achieve them. Mid to large sized businesses find this an important tool that helps focus their team and integrate strategic oriented activities into the day to day operations.


To define long-term goals and objectives, and set out the steps necessary to achieve them.


  • Review company history, current state and vision for the future.
  • Assess impact of external influences such as competition, economics, and consumer trends.
  • Conduct planning sessions with key players to clarify goals and develop initiatives.
  • Formulate an execution process that establishes priorities, identifies resources, assigns accountability and clears obstacles.
  • Document a method for ongoing review to track progress, measure success and incorporate any new factors that may impact the process.


A well documented plan that guides the strategic initiatives critical to the long-term goals of the organization and provides a roadmap for implementation that engages their team and drives results.