Our Approach

Our Approach

What’s it like to work with KPM Enterprises?

We take a comprehensive approach that considers all angles, because no process exists in isolation. We consider the impact on the other areas of the business and ensure the solution fits within the framework of your people and systems, as well as the goals of the overall organization.

People are the cornerstone of any organization. We never lose sight of the importance of your team. We seek to engage them throughout the project because ultimately they are the ones that drive implementation and sustain the process.

We work hands-on and in partnership with you and your team. We want to understand your operation and be very clear about what it is you are looking to achieve. We recognize that while we bring our expertise to the table, the right solution starts and ends with your reality.

Our underlying focus throughout the process is to ensure the end product delivers on three key fronts:

  • Value creation – to produce results that create the value you are looking for on a timely and cost effective basis.
  • Execution – we guarantee an effective and achievable implementation process, because too many great solutions get sabotaged by poor execution.
  • Sustainability – we engage your team and transfer knowledge throughout the process to ensure the project will be sustainable after we leave.

We Deliver Results Like These

  • A cost re-engineering initiative that extracts $M in sustainable, strategic savings. We engage your team to identify  savings opportunities, and uncover hidden costs that have become  entrenched in your operation,  You will see the implementation of a well- established plan as we help drive the changes through the organization, keeping  your team focused, clearing obstacles, and tracking progress.
  • Re-vitalized vendor agreements that deliver on price, quality, and performance. We utilize an innovative, technology-based procurement process that accesses performance and quality information on over 300,000 local and global suppliers, as well as a library of specifications on products and services. You will have state-of-the-art processes and tools that extract the best combination of price, performance, and quality from your suppliers.
  • A cash flow/cash management plan that generates $M in increased working capital. We identify the areas where it is feasible to cut expenses and conserve cash without compromising the integrity of the ongoing operation. You will have a strategy for both the short and long-term that reduces your dependency on financing, and frees up funds that can be redirected to strategic priorities.
  • Re-structured operational processes that eliminate costly errors and increase productivity. We flush out inefficiencies, and pinpoint the source of bottlenecks and errors, determining not only what has gone wrong, but why. You will see streamlined operational processes that deliver expected results on time, cost effectively.

Our Guiding Philosophy

We are governed by three core principles: integrity, communication and value.

  • Integrity for us means uncompromising adherence to moral and ethical principles, operating with the highest standard of honesty, reliability, and openness.
  • Communication is fundamental to successful partnerships. Collaborative, open dialogue keeps the right focus on the right priorities.
  • Value creation is the reason we take on an engagement. Our belief that we can deliver value must exist before we begin.

The KPM Advantage

  • A significant, proven track record of saving millions of dollars for our clients. Reducing costs, increasing productivity, and enhancing the overall health of the organization is the core of our business and expertise.
  • A strategic focus and strong orientation to the bottom line, complimented by a keen understanding of organizational dynamics and the importance of working in collaboration.
  • A different approach. Experience has proven that transfer of knowledge is key to sustainability. We engage you and your team throughout the process. When our project is complete, we leave your team empowered with the right tools and processes to uphold the renewed culture of effective cost management.
  • An external perspective, unencumbered by organizational politics enables us to effectively challenge the status quo and overcome organizational resistance, opening the door to greater opportunities.
  • KPM is led by Eugene Duynstee, a CPA, CA and former senior retail executive with the unique combination of in-depth industry experience and solid financial expertise who has spent many years hands-on, dealing with the types of challenges you face.
  • Each member of our team is a former senior executive bringing a variety of industry knowledge and experience to the table. With a strategic focus, and practical insight into how executives and organizations work, KPM is well-positioned to understand your challenges and generate impactful, sustainable solutions.
  • We stand behind our work and deliver the results you are looking to achieve.
The way a team plays as a whole, determines its success. You may have the greatest bunch of individual stars in the world, but if they don't play together, the club won't be worth a dime.
- Babe Ruth