SafeSourcing® and KPM Enterprises Announce New Strategic Alliance

For Immediate Release: January 31st, 2011

Partnership expands companies offerings, geographical, and industry reach

(Scottsdale AZ) –  Scottsdale Arizona based SafeSourcing Inc.and Mississauga, Canada based KPM Enterprises Inc. have announced today a formal relationship that is intended to expand both companies product offerings and geographical reach.

Eugene Duynstee, President of KPM Enterprises, is enthusiastic about the company’s new alliance with U.S. based SafeSoucing Inc.  According to Mr. Duynstee, this will allow them to augment their current Strategic Cost Initiative deliverables with On Demand e-Procurement services (including reverse auction capabilities) to all of their customers across Canada and the U.S.  In all previous engagements with SafeSourcing, “We have been able to deliver remarkable results in a very short period of time with their complete suite of well-designed e-Procurement tools”.
According to Ron Southard, CEO of SafeSourcing Inc., “We are very excited about our new partnership with KPM Enterprises. The reason we exist as a company is to provide cost effective tools to companies that allow them to dramatically reduce their cost of goods and services in a timely manner while also reinforcing their environmental and product safety programs. Our product offering dovetails very nicely with KPM’s strategic cost initiative deliverables”.
KPM Enterprises Inc. works with CEOs and CFOs of large retail and consumer goods companies in excess of $500M who are looking to improve their business. We help them restructure costs, locate hidden savings, and move the changes through the organization to affect supportable, sustainable and strategic cost reductions that dramatically improve the bottom line without compromising the integrity of the business.
SafeSourcing’s mission is to provide information and services to customers through a family of e-Procurement tools that reduce costs, improve quality and pro-actively support consumer safety and environmental standards in the global supply chain. SafeSourcing drives increased efficiency and improves profitability for their customers while providing superior value for all stakeholders.
Contact Information:
Ron Southard, CEO Safe Sourcing Inc.,, 866-623-9006
Eugene Duynstee, President KPM Enterprises Inc., 905-891-6994
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