About Our Clients

About Our Clients

Our clients are large companies, in excess of $250M, from a wide variety of industry sectors.

We work with CEO’s, CFO’s, and senior executives who are seeking a combination of industry experience and strong financial know-how to help generate impactful, sustainable improvements to their business.

Our clients are looking for:

  • Million dollar cost savings that are strategic and sustainable
  • An innovative, technology-based procurement process that delivers the optimal combination of price and performance
  • Re-structured operational processes that eliminate costly errors and enhance productivity
  • Initiatives that free up working capital without compromising the integrity of the business

Can you relate to some of these scenarios?

You know that operating costs are too high and there are substantial savings to be had that would flow directly to the bottom line. You are not interested in a slash and burn approach, but instead are seeking a responsible cost reduction program that is effective and sustainable.

You are unhappy with the pricing and/or performance of some of your suppliers and suspect the existing procurement process is outdated. The procurement team is either convinced they have secured the best deal, are reluctant to “rock the boat” with existing suppliers, or don’t have access to current, state-of-the-art processes and tools that facilitate optimal results. The right combination of price and quality can save millions, and you want to challenge the status quo.

You would like to reduce dependence on owners and bankers for financing, and at the same time free up funds to reinvest in growth opportunities. As cash tracks through the business, you know there are many points along the way where potential weaknesses can have a negative effect on cash flow.  You suspect that a sweeping review of all cash flow processes will yield significant opportunities to increase working capital.

You are frustrated with ineffective processes that are hindering productivity and wasting time and money. You know that quality, timely, cost effective processes yield higher levels of overall performance that enhance the bottom line. You need to pinpoint what is not working, and understand why.

Clients who benefit most from our services:

  • Want an approach that is tailored to fit with their people and operations
  • Like to work collaboratively and in partnership
  • Are open to consider proven new approaches
  • Expect a consulting firm that engages their team and transfers knowledge so the project is sustainable after we leave
  • Are comfortable digging deep to root out the core issues

If you are committed to solutions that build sustainable value for your company, then we’d like to help you succeed.