Our Services

Our Services

KPM works with CEO’s, CFO’s, and senior executives of large companies,  in excess of $250M, to generate impactful, sustainable improvements to their business.

Cost Re-engineering, Cash Management and Process Optimization services help restructure costs and drive the changes through the organization to affect supportable, sustainable, strategic cost reductions that improve the bottom line without compromising the integrity of the business.

Our Strategic Sourcing Program utilizes technology to re-vamp the procurement process. This program is gaining acceptance worldwide as the preferred procurement system, as substantial cost reductions and maximum vendor performance is significantly boosting the bottom line.

KPM’s Strategy and Execution initiatives align company strategy, people and operations, channelling resources to those initiatives that will increase stakeholder satisfaction and improve profitability.

Our programs implement responsible, sustainable changes that reinforce the strategic initiatives of the company.

Cost Re-engineering

Developing a cost reduction program that is effective and sustainable.

Strategic Cost Initiative (SCI)

  • Cost Reduction Program
  • Expense Analysis
  • Budget Effectiveness Review
  • Supplier Billing Analysis
  • Zero-Based Budgeting
  • Cost/Benefit Analysis
  • Detailed Tracking/Monitoring Procedures
  • Financial and Administrative Process Analysis

KPM’s approach is unique and extremely effective. “Hidden” savings are uncovered with a deep dive analysis that looks at operations from a different perspective. The key is determining not only what’s being done, but why it’s being done.

Our Strategic Cost Initiative (SCI) addresses the complexities of a company’s cost structure.  Each expense is analyzed both individually and within the context of the whole, to determine its purpose and value. Alternatives are also identified and explored.

SCI analyzes specific cost reduction opportunities, designs and executes a comprehensive implementation plan and tracks results through to completion.

Consideration is given to key tools such as zero-based budgeting that redefines expenses, establishes spending policies, and embeds cost savings directly into the budget.

Procurement and Supply Management

Utilizing an innovative, technology-based vendor selection process to achieve the optimal combination of price, quality, and performance.

Strategic Sourcing Program (SSP)

This technology-based system draws on a comprehensive database containing performance and quality information on over 400,000 local and global suppliers, as well as a library of specifications on products and services. Extensive functionality allows information to be retrieved and classified based on different criteria/priorities.

Category expertise provides insight into industry and vendor dynamics, who the relevant players are, and how they develop their costing/pricing. It assists in identifying and defining clear, specific requirements, and designing the specs in order to extract the best possible price/performance combination.

Based on buyer-defined parameters, qualifying vendors participate collectively in a sophisticated, real-time bidding process, where they are motivated to offer their best price.

All software is user-friendly and is supplied, maintained and continually updated, requiring no additional technology investment. A full suite of tools compliments the auction process, supporting the entire spectrum of procurement/supply management activities.

Our Strategic Sourcing Program (SSP) identifies optimal sources of supply for any product or service a company might require, from office supplies, consumable items, maintenance and repair operations, right  through to courier and snow removal services.

Our program is supported by software and sourcing expertise from SafeSourcing Inc. Additional information can be obtained at: www.safesourcing.com


Cash Management

Freeing up idle working capital in order to increase cash flow.

Cash Flow Initiative (CFI)

  • Cash Flow Analysis/Enhancement
  • Working Capital Efficiency
  • Treasury Practices
  • Inventory Optimization
  • Supplier/Agency Payment Practices
  • Store Level Cash Handling
  • Customer Collection Process

Cash management initiatives free up cash for the purpose of re-investing in growth opportunities, satisfying borrowing covenants, and/or re-directing funds to shareholders.

Asset and liability practices often result in cash becoming inadvertently absorbed or idle. Changes to these practices can be a significant source of funds.

The key is a comprehensive approach that results in permanent reductions in cash requirements and improvements to working capital without compromising the integrity of the ongoing operations.

Process Optimization

Streamlining operational processes, relieving bottlenecks, flushing out inefficiencies.

Process Optimization Initiative (POI)

  • Process Tracking and Analysis
  • Performance Measurement Techniques
  • Process Modifications/Re-design
  • Troubleshooting
  • Process Innovation and Design
  • Evaluation of Third Party Services

Most process inefficiencies have become either unknowingly entrenched over time, or just generally accepted as part of the business.

Bottlenecks and roadblocks will flag a problem, but often the source lies in another area and/or many steps back in the process, making them difficult to flush out.

Our Process Optimization Initiative (POI) tracks processes through each level of the operational flow, uncovering bottlenecks, errors, inefficiencies and redundancies. It pinpoints the source of the problem and determines not only what’s gone wrong, but why. Corrective action, modifications and re-designs are developed, implemented and monitored.

POI encompasses all support functions and related processes – Operations, Marketing/ Merchandising, Distribution, Human Resources, Finance, I.T., and Real Estate

Strategy and Execution

Developing the right strategies and effectively executing the right initiatives that will capture the company’s vision and improve profitability.

Strategy and Execution Initiatives (SEI)

Well defined strategies are fundamental, providing the necessary structure to achieve a company’s vision while a comprehensive execution plan provides the road map to effectively deliver on those strategies.

The key is to effectively align company strategy, people and operations.
We help clarify goals and develop practical implementation plans that clearly define what needs to be done and how. Our programs identify resources, assign accountability, address potential roadblocks, and apply tracking/monitoring techniques.

Company resources are directed to those activities that will enhance the bottom line, setting the foundation for increased stakeholder satisfaction and improved profitability.